Family - 5:38 AM

Pillars 5 brings back health to people through their ALL-NATURAL products

Younger people are getting sick with degenerative diseases and it is increasingly becoming common a...

Family - 3:22 PM

GAOC: A World-Class Dental Care Provider in the Philippines

“It’s not just a SMILE. It’s a STATEMENT!”    For some people, a visit to the dentist always...

- 5:59 PM

The Medical City's Robotic Surgery Offers Less Invasive Treatments

Anyone who's had a medical operation knows that it can be such a source of pain. Traditional surgical procedures are invasive in nature...

Family - 2:34 AM

Top 8 Superfoods that INCREASE Milk Supply

Are you a new mom? It is important for mothers to eat healthy especially after pregnancy. This...

featured - 8:49 PM

Baking Soda for Yellow Teeth

For some people, having yellow teeth is normal. According to dentists, it may be caused by the vit...

featured - 4:32 AM

Garlic, Apple, Cabbage: 16 Foods that NATURALLY cleanse your liver

Liver . This 3-pound organ inside the right side of our belly has one major job -- to filter th...

featured - 2:57 AM

Health Benefits of Halo-Halo

The hotness of the season perfectly calls for a glass of delicious, cold, tasty halo-halo or &q...

Beauty - 9:01 AM

5 Very EFFECTIVE home remedies for sunburn

It's summertime. The beach is inviting for some vitamin SEA. At these times when the sun i...

Health Concerns - 2:56 AM

The Top 10 Warning Signs You May Have Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus , commonly referred to as diabetes is a chronic disease which affects the bl...

Health Concerns - 9:15 AM

8 Safe and Natural Remedies For Head Lice

Head lice are parasites that live on human scalp and feed on the victim's blood. They are ...



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