Beauty - 7:03 AM

10 Best pimple treatments you can do at home

Do you want to know the best pimple treatments you can do at home ? Pimples are small, raised...

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Truth about WORRY: Only 8% of it are worth concerning about

Do you always feel defeated and stressed because of too much worry ? Did you know that when you fee...

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Aside from diabetes, can Ampalaya also help control cancer?

Recent scientific studies show that Ampalaya fruit juice kills cancer cells . Diabetes and cancer...

featured - 7:03 PM

Top 10 SUPERFOODS you should start eating today

Superfoods is a term for foods with contains nutritional value that are higher than the common ve...

Family - 7:01 PM

Filipinos among people with worst sleeping habits

According to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sleep depriv...

medicine - 6:49 PM

Greet the New Year with a brand new - and beautiful - you!

What started as a 100-day countdown before Christmas is now about waiting before we bid goodbye to...

Health Concerns - 9:02 PM

Heads up! Gary V on Novuhair: putting energy into prevention

Nothing describes Gary Valenciano quite like his moniker “Mr. Pure Energy,” He is the very image o...

Beauty - 11:35 PM

Nourished, hydrated, youthful glow: 6 reasons why Myra Facial Wash is perfect for your skin

Nowadays, pollution, stress, lack of sleep and numerous factors make our skin dry and haggard makin...

featured - 9:03 PM

12+ ways to treat vaginal itching

Vaginal itching is very common to women of all ages. In fact, it is one of the common problems mos...

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5 healthier ways to detox without juicing

Special holidays are seasons where most of us has a valid excuse to let loose, pig out, and drink o...



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