A Rainy Note To Drivers

Summer is over. All the water that has evaporated then are now flowing down from the heavens. Make sure you always bring  your umbrellas with you wherever you go. Do also have regular pops of Vitamin C so as not to easily catch rainy day illnesses such as colds, flu, fever, and so on.  Continue reading

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Travel Toiletries: What Should Be Inside Your Bag

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Summer isn’t over yet. Many people are still maximizing the season to go to different places and explore new adventure outside the city life. Before you go and finish backpacking, have you checked your travel toiletries? Sanitary napkin, tissue, lotion, … Continue reading

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After Workout Foods

If we can be honest with ourselves, it is so tempting to pig out after a long workout session. Cakes, sodas, ice creams, burgers…hmmm.. Now, I’m hungry! Well, if you want to satisfy your growling tummy, here are after workout … Continue reading

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Sleeping Healthy

With deadlines to finish, homeworks, night out with friends, sleep sometimes becomes just a nap for all of us. An hour of zzz’s are considered a luxury to rest and regain strength for another day’s battle. But did you know that a good night’s sleep can really make a big difference. In our face (yes! Less sleep makes us look tired) and in our health: Continue reading

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My Intimate Experience With Priva

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I’m not the type of woman who has a feminine wash on her bathroom cabinet. Well, I used once when I was in college but I stopped because I had an allergy with the product. I went back to using … Continue reading

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How To Manage Uneven Skin Tone

It’s summer already! The perfect season to show off that skin. But, are you confident enough to let people see that the upper portion of your legs is way fairer than the lower part? Or maybe your knees and elbows … Continue reading

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Spanish firm Naturhouse Plans Expansion in the Philippines


Spanish dietetics specialist Naturhouse is looking to further expand its presence in Asia, with its first shop scheduled to be inaugurated on April 6, 2014 at 10am, located at SM City North Edsa lower ground floor main building.

Continue reading

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What You Need to Know about Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can be one of the most annoying problems you can experience when it comes to your eyesight. In fact, more than 60 million people suffer from symptoms of dry eyes and 10 million people actually have a syndrome … Continue reading

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Remedies To Back Pain

Ouch! The sudden movement gave you that tingling sensation to the back part of your torso, particularly at the lower part. From there, every attempt to move becomes harder. You may think that a pop of medicine can cure the … Continue reading

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3 Tips To A Flatter Tummy

It’s doesn’t make you feel good when you eat what you like, even healthy foods, but still look like you have consumed a full meal. How hard it is to keep your tummy from not showing itself. Well, here are 3 tips to a flatter tummy you can do: Continue reading

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