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Going to and fro to the loo can leave you irritated especially if one has a very sensitive skin, like me. I tried different products to keep me fresh in private area – feminine wash, panty liners, tissues, etc – but they only gave me rashes. So I opt for water instead. Until I received packs of PH Care Feminine Wipes at our doorstep…

I tried it for days to see if it will give me the same bad result. To my surprise, PH Care Feminine Wipes made me feel fresh deep down there. The ‘active cool’ feature really did justice. Plus it is alcohol free so it’s not ‘mahapdi’ and hypoallergenic.

A small pack offers 1o wipes which you can use wherever you are on the go. Well, being a work-at-home mom, it is very convenient and handy as I’ll just slide up the plastic lid and pull out a piece.

Camera 360

Oh, did I mention that it has a mild scent that is very pleasing to smell. :) hmmm…

Thank you Unilab for these packs. Truly, PH Care Wipes earned my trust when it comes to feminine care. :)

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