Exercising: How To Stay Motivated


Admit it. Deep inside you want to stay in good physical shape, but your flesh is very weak to avoid the temptation to just slouch and be a couch potato all day…but again, you still want to look and feel healthy. So what are you going to do in order to have that drive to go to the gym and workout? Here are a few ways to stay motivated to exercise or workout:

  • Be accountable – Don’t blame anybody for your own actions. You are not healthy because of you not because of other people
  • Have a gym buddy – Having someone to workout with is the best way to avoid that I-don’t-wanna-go feeling. Peer pressure is the key
  • Start with a 3-minute exercise – Tell yourself that it will only take 3 minutes of your time. Grab your thera band and stretch, do a set of push-ups, and rigorous workout that will make you sweat in such a short time. It will really help you burn a hundred of extra calories.

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