Ways To Burn 100 Calories a Day

Are you the type of person who wanted to trim down excess fat but doesn’t really know how and where to start? Or maybe you’re just too shy to go to a gym and workout with all those six-pack, muscle-toned sexy individuals. Well, guess what, you can still achieve a model-like appearance on your own. Here, let’s take a look at ways to burn 100 calories a day:

  • Climb stairs – You can start on 20’s. Just enough to boost your heart. Then, gradually increase those steps as you go further
  • Sprint – Give those running and brisk walking additional intervals. Instead of doing the same routine at a steady pace, why not sprint in between
  • Jump rope – Remember when you were just a kid? Jumping ropes makes you sweat like crazy. Well, it still works. Try it for about 15 minutes a day
  • Intense workout – Do a combination of sit-ups, squats, push ups, jumping jacks, etc. for about 15 minutes a day
  • Dance – Whether you have two left feet, you still can do this workout. Plug in those speakers and dance in fast-tempo songs. Shake your body to the beat for 10 minutes until you sweat off those nasty calories
  • Cook – Instead of ordering Chinese food, try preparing a healthy meal that takes about 45 minutes to cook. You can also enjoy it with a loved one or friends over fitted table covers for trade shows or just a simple dining set
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21 Responses to Ways To Burn 100 Calories a Day

  1. Yup, there are sooo many simple exercises we can do in a day. I always make it a point to lose as much calories I can during workout sessions every day.

  2. jane says:

    nice information and tips!! i always love to be in the exercising mode to lessen my tummy fats and do feel good also! Trying harder to eat healthy as well hihi xx

  3. jo-ann says:

    I will surely lose weight next month. We will be transferring to a new condo in a fourth floor. I will not use elevator so I”ll sweat.

  4. Franc Ramon says:

    A 5K runs burns about 400 calories and it takes only 35-40 minutes just the same amount of calories you gain from eating one donut. =>

  5. Rizza says:

    Yes, sprinting is a great way to burn calories!! I do eeet!!

  6. Thank you for enumerating these. I am so glad that I am doing all of these stuff.

  7. In my case, I do jogging or brisk walking daily away from the pressure of life :)

  8. Dust says:

    This is fantastic. I’m actually planning to go to the gym this Feb. I wanna apply all these but I think the last one might not be applicable for me. Still don’t know how to cook. Soon!

  9. Climbing stairs and walking are ideal for my lifestyle.

  10. I need to burn 100 calories or more daily. These tips will help me a lot aside from my regular gym exercise.

  11. papaleng says:

    very sound suggestions. I do daily brisk walking. Yung climbing stairs, whah. parktisado ako sa stairs namin sa house.

  12. this is very helpful i will try some tips later. ;)

  13. good tips you have here, i really need this to help burn the calories i have been wanting to shed.

  14. - Justin - says:

    just walk and walk and walk.. it’s good for the body especially the heart.. plus, it burns more calories than you think.. :)

  15. Gagay says:

    i love your statement there, ‘whether you have two left feet..’, hehehehe… but there are also simple some household chores not just cooking that in a way or another, can you burn calories.. :)

  16. Alwin says:

    i once covered a celebrity’s exercise routine which included jumping ropes. the trick is to count up to 100, repeating from count 1 if you get entangled in the rope at any point, even at count 99th

  17. I cook twice a day! Yay! So I’m good? Lol! I usually don’t count my calories.. or should I already?

  18. Pal Raine says:

    In every day we do there is always exercising in order to lose weight. But exercise doesn’t always lead to weight lose. All we need is DISCIPLINE to have great and healthy body. Great points here!

  19. Tess says:

    don’t eat too much food and sweats. Eat in moderation.

  20. Cai says:

    I burn 500 cals a day by breastfeeding! The sweet advantage of a breastfeeding mom..yey!

  21. Karen says:

    I do the the first, second and last. Climb Stairs, Sprint and Cook.

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