Let’s Talk About Your Feet

Do you live an active lifestyle? Are you into all sorts of sports, particularly, running? Living in this kind of everyday routine gives you stinging and aching muscles especially in the feet area. 

Many people find solace in compression sleeves, but they are especially beneficial to athletes and those who are on a rigid running or fitness regimen.

Wearers say these garments speed up the healing of sore muscles and improve blood flow. Runners have found that when they wear calf sleeves, they have more endurance and finish faster.

At least one study from the Institute of Medical Physics has documented the improved performance state for athletes using compression in the calf area. Researchers have not yet been willing to attribute better performance solely to the garments. However, they have generated theories about why it works.

Compressing the blood vessels in the leg sends blood circulation back to the heart, which in turn increases the oxygen supply to tissues in the body. Another theory suggests that compression calms the soreness that happens when the feet are repeatedly pounding on pavement or the ground.

Although it might be tempting to take a one-size-fits-all approach to selecting a calf sleeve, users have found it beneficial to size them for comfortable fitting. They will not function well if they constantly roll down the shin because they are too loose or if they are tight enough to cut off good circulation.

Buying them at the right length and width will allow them to work properly. Some sleeves are available with panels that can give different amounts of pressure to different parts of the calf. These are especially helpful if the sleeve supports an injury. Knowing why you need the sleeve is a good prerequisite to shopping.

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