Natural Ways To Keep Your Household Clean

Keeping your house clean is a lifestyle you should always consider for the benefit of your family’s health. It  must and should always be done regardless of how it’s routinely hard to do.  Tough stains are obviously  very difficult to deal with that oftentimes, we just leave them. This post, however, will give you tips on how to put an end to those challenging dirt quickly and effortlessly.


  • Washing Machine

Remove dirt build-up with hot water, bleach and vinegar. An inexpensive way to kill away grime and mineral deposits in your wash basket and hose.

  • Microwave

Lemon squeeze! Soak the sponge with water. In a sprayer (spray bottle), add a drop of lemon essential oil. Spray the stain and leave it until the blemish softens. This method effectively eliminates the splattered food in your microwave and other appliance packages,  leaving it with a fragrant smell you will love.

  • Microfiber sofa

Buying a new sofa is not necessary.  Just spray enough amount of alcohol on the dirty area and rubbing it with a clean scrub sponge will slowly remove the dirt on your sofa.  

  • Curtain Shower

Shower out the germs and molds.  Whether you wash it in the bathtub or washing machine, a mixture of hot water teamed with a small amount of vinegar will do the job. 

  • Drinking bottle or a coffee mug

Shake away the germs and molds.  All you gotta do is put a small amount of hot water and a teaspoon of bleach with a little help of shaky -shake rhythm.

  • Showerhead

Cooking out the dirt.  Boil the showerhead deep in vinegar and let it simmer until all the mineral deposit build-up separates from the cap.

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