McVities Digestives: A Healthy Delight in a Bite

McVities Digestive Wholemeal

McVities Wholemeal Digestive

I know you had your taste of healthy snacks, wheat breads and all that. I have noticed some people say “No” to wheat breads because they didn’t taste that good in comparison to the usual food we eat. Let me tell you that I have the same notion until I had my share of McVities Digestives..

Never heard of the name before so I took the chance to experience it and the different flavors McVities Digestives offer. Just a little trivia: The very first McVitie’s Digestive was made in 1892.

Shown above is the McVities Wholemeal Digestive. This wholegrain delicious biscuit was really enjoyed by my mom, who by the way, is into healthy eating nowadays as to keep  herself from getting sick because of  old age.

McVities Original Digestive

McVities Original Digestive

They say nothing beats the original flavor.I got to say McVities Original Digestive is absolutely satisfying. One good thing about McVities Digestives is that it contains NO artificial flavours or colours, and no hydrogenated fat. “And with its crumbly texture,
original flavour and satisfying nature you’ll find yourself pleased very quickly!”

McVities Light Digestive

McVities Light Digestive

This delicious McVities Light Digestive is made from the same ingredients of McVities Original, only with 30% less fat! Now you’ll never feel guilty in every bite because each biscuit only contains 65 kcal which is fewer calories than are found in a banana.

McVities Milk Chocolate DIgestive

McVities Milk Chocolate Digestive

Okay, so this is me! I must admit, I’m a chocolate lover. Well, who doesn’t want those delicious looking cookies, right? The McVities Milk Chocolate Digestive is a wheat biscuit covered in a layer of milk chocolate. The crunch of the biscuit combined with the melting of the rich chocolate make this a perfect, if slightly more indulgent, treat.

So, guys and gals, if you’re looking for a healthy delight in a bite, choose McVities Digestives. Available in leading supermarkets nationwide. My family loved it and I’m sure you will too. Give it a try and a bite :) Cheerios!

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