TMC Partner Link: Online Access To Your Medical Records

Last June 19, 2013, Coinciding their Innovative Week celebration, The Medical City (TMC) introduced their “TMC Partner Link“. An innovative service that will let their patient-partners access their medical records online, for FREE!

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With this awesome service, each patient will be able to SECURELY view their lab, radiology diagnostic results, discharge summaries, and all their hospital records in just a click. In addition, the TMC Partner Link has health trackers that makes it possible for users to monitor their vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, weight) with the use of a graphic interface. These health trackers are integrated with the hospital’s Electronic Medical Records, thus enabling doctors to monitor patients without regularly making rounds.

This facility truly provides a  patient partnership beyond the walls of the hospital

However, TMC Partner Link DOES NOT give medical advice online so you should still see your physician face to face.

How secure is TMC Partner Link?

In order to protect sensitive medical records and personal information from unauthorized access, the portal uses a strict identification verification and authentication procedure. In addition, all data is stored in the secure clinical data repository of The Medical City.

 When can patients access the link?

Patients admitted starting June 24, 2013 will be offered the facility as part of standard admission procedures. Outpatients of the Ambulatory Service Center may be enrolled similarly. Alternatively, those who have transacted with TMC before this date can visit, call or email TMC’s Customer Service Department to sign up for a Partner Link account.

You can access the link through The Medical City website (

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