Friday, February 27, 2015

Bringing Awareness Of Breast Cancer To The Mainstream

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Although cancer in all of its forms has unfortunately been with us since the beginning of mankind's time on Earth, it is only within the past few decades that full awareness of this deadly disease has really been brought to the mainstream.

However, there are a host of national breast cancer awareness organizations that are doing their part to keep the eyes of the public on this disease, until such time as it can be completely eradicated from our history.

Breast Cancer Is An Equal Opportunity Killer

Women's issues, such as breast cancer, have really come to the forefront of our national consciousness in the past 40 years since the days of the Equal Rights Amendment. Of course, there's still one fact about breast cancer that gets swept under the rug all too often - the fact that men can also suffer from this terrible disease.

However, this has changed for the better in recent times. Peter Criss, the former drummer of the legendary rock and roll group Kiss, has stepped forward as a male survivor of breast cancer. Slowly but surely, national awareness of breast cancer as an equal opportunity killer is emerging.

There are many organizations that are doing more than their share to keep the pressure up when it comes to awareness of breast cancer. For example, the Breast Cancer Society has done a great deal to keep breast cancer awareness on the front page of the national consciousness.

Their constant fund raising and charitable work has been a shining example of all that can be done to aid men and women in the fight against breast cancer. And with every new day, others are joining in to fight the good fight against cancer in all its forms.

Participate In The Annual Walk Against Cancer

One of the best known events that have been instituted in order to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research is the annual Breast Cancer Walk. This event usually takes place over the course of two days, lasting between 30 and 40 miles.

You can find information on the web concerning this annual breast cancer charity raising event. The walk takes place in many locations across the United States, including most of the major cities. It's an excellent way for you to contribute to the ongoing fight against this deadly disease.

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